WWF: Ecotourism

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Meet Mr. K’Yeu. He is of the Ma ethnic minority who have traditionally lived along the Dong Nai river valley in southern Vietnam. The valley which rolls through the Cat Tien National Park is a couple of hours drive from Ho Chi Minh City, arching towards the Cambodian border. His community, along with the local S’tieng and Tay groups have lived on the land nearby for centuries, living nomadic lifestyles until being relocated to the townships created by the government in the 1970s. This film documents a culture and ecotourism project that seeks to diversify incomes in the area, as a way to take income generation out of the forest into more sustainable activities, in and around the National Park.

This  film was commissioned to document the ecotourism project but it also contains an interesting profile of Mr K’Yeu, where we learn about is life but also his attitude to land conservation. This project was produced simultaneously with another WWF commissioned project set in the Cat Tien National Park area. I provided direction, camera, sound and post services on these pieces and even chipped in on the voiceovers as required.