The Vaccines: In Saigon

Here we had the opportunity to document the major British rock band The Vaccines, as they toured through Asia and stopped off in Saigon.  In true rock (and Saigon) spirit they were recovering from a big night out when we met but they were happy to walk the streets and share where they were at as a band. The interview was one of the most interesting we shot as they band was in a point of transition, questioning a number of their earliest musical ideals. This was a tough shoot, taking place over a long period on the hot afternoon streets of Saigon, crossing markets, parks and roadsides.

I worked the A camera and we managed to pick off enough B camera shots to make the pieces work in the edit. For a super fast turn around I delivered this edit myself, cutting, grading and mixing in a few hours to get the piece out for sign-off by the band and management.

This film was produced for online and TV broadcast as part of Seen In Saigon, where it was shown as part of a daily,three month schedule.

Category: Camera, Editing