The Financial Crisis: I-IV

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This was pretty much the most obscure brief I have had come through the door. MASS BROADCAST HYPNOTIC THERAPY isn’t a phrase you see headlining an editors brief very often … Well let’s just agree to never say never from here on in. This very cool project played out on the UK’s Channel 4 directly after the news over four nights, filling the special slot allocated to Frieze Film of the famous Frieze Art Fair. Of course the films also played out as part of the Frieze onsite events and as you can see in all their glory, they do hark back to the more radical programming of 1970s BBC.

The idea of mass anxiety caused by a more connected society and political turmoil resonates very strongly today and is clearly as pertinent all these years later.  Check out this link here to learn more about the amazingly subversive crew at Superflex and The Financial Crisis project.

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