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This unique project combined art installation with TV drama. The concept was developed by star Scandinavian art collective, Superflex, and the local project was executed by our good friends at The Propeller Group, (they later went on to make the longest film in history together). My role was straight up post-production, cutting the three part drama series, which would go out on one of the most watched, national channels, HTV. The films used a more conceptual to the historical reproductions, bring a pretty interesting twist to this time jumping drama that was both attractive and cost effective.

This was a great job to sink my teeth into, cutting in a new language, with three full episodes to grow the story over – on a project that was unlike any other I had worked on. The art world components of the project rolled on for some time before and after the broadcast aspect that I worked on, so you can check out this link to learn more about The Porcelain Pirates.

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