Locked In

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This is my second short drama, set in the aftermath of a slow-moving apocalypse. The two characters have been locked away, too scared to leave the hiding place they have found away from the violent world outside. However, nothing lasts forever and soon the relationship is put to the test as events begin to unfold that expose them to the real world. What binds us, what separates us? When is it time to move on?

Locked In allowed me a great opportunity to work with excellent cast and crew. With Katie Milwright as the DP and Sally McDonald and Andrew Curry in the lead roles, the project was a pleasure to produce and direct.

However, completion didn’t come easily and the project morphed into an international affair. Financial challenges delayed the post production significantly and the opening scenes were picked-up in East London in 2010 as I had moved there in the intervening period. The visual effects and sound design were also generated in London with the score and final mix done back in Melbourne to wrap up.

Category: Direction