Live: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

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This was one truly impressive live show and when they pumped through this BRMC classic, Spread Your Love, the crowd were off tap. When Black Rebel Motorcycle Club came to Saigon, it was always going to be a night to remember. Not many independent bands this big have been through but we were lucky to meet the band and shoot this special show later that night. Sadly we didn’t have time to interview them but you can’t win them all.

These guys came with their own crew and a full set up, something incredibly rare in Vietnam with the finances as they are, so set up time alone ensured that interviews were just out of the question.

We covered the show with two Canon 5Ds and a C300, which were great but of course we would have loved more! Maybe next time? I edited and colour graded this live show and mixed the multiple sources down for final delivery, to meet the standards of the band and its management. The pieces played out nationally on the television as part of our show Seen In Saigon on Yan TV, as part of a three month schedule playing content on a daily basis.