Hardcore United: The Current Will Carry Us

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Meet TCWCU. They all came to Hardcore via different paths and they don’t see themselves as belonging to one genre. They are a fairly philosophical bunch and in general this is reflected in their love of experimental metal as their genre of choice.

This series explores the small but national scene of “Core” music that has taken off in Vietnam, mostly with a passion for Hardcore and Metalcore bands such as Parkway Drive and As I Lay Diving. We meet bands from the north, central and southern regions, showing the truly national appeal of this music, which was captured by the one day festival Hardcore United.

We took this live footage and led the interviews on the same day as the festival which was an amazing undertaking for these very young and impressive organisers. There were many technical challenges with a new and inexperienced crew, who we trained and empowered to take important roles for this shoot, creating an opportunity for new producers, directors, camera and sound operators to test their mettle (metal?) on this demanding project.