Hai The Gioi: Two Worlds

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Wowy is the best example of true hip hop from the streets that you will find in Viet Nam. Many of the popstars rhyme but with few exceptions, Wowy is the most authentic deal in town. Rapping about the struggles of the poor and disenfranchised, his songs resonate with local audiences despite what can be challenging messages and a unique rap style. I proposed and developed this piece as I had always wanted to experiment with rigs while working in the hot saigon streets, so famous for its traffic and street vendors. We had the body rig components built by welders and metal workers on the streets in record time, creating something that could readily and safely carry a Canon 5D body and zoom lens. The ability to just make and do is one one more great reason to love working in a city like Saigon!

The shoot was logistically complicated considering our very small crew and our desire to shoot in very busy places. However the outcome is pretty sharp given the “no budget” level of production we had to work with but this just meant a Herculean effort in my edit and an even bigger adventure once I was grading. Let’s just say there is A LOT of key framing in there! But with more than eight million views and a little more credit for Vietnamese Hip Hop … I argue it was all worth while.