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This project was developed by FFF and financially supported by Wellcome Trust UK and our local partner Oxford University Clinical Research Unit in Vietnam (OUCRU). The main focus was a concept and game development “game jam”. Jams are common in the game industry as an opportunity to develop ideas and outcomes in a pressure-cooker environment, to test teams and generate outcomes in unreasonable time-frames. However, to mix it up we partnered the game developers with local scientists and they put their heads together to create science themed games. Niche yes … but very cool indeed because we managed to bring on board some of the best developers in the country and teamed them up with people from the most respected international biomedical research institute in the country.

In this case we gave teams exactly 48 hours to turn their concepts into games but we later gave them about six weeks to refine the games into functional, playable and store ready outcomes. To suit this format we awarded prizes for the state of the games at the end of the game jam and then at the end of the additional development period.

A major aspect of this project was the significant public outreach we conducted to engage young, science interested people with the project, its games and messages. Content from the series on this page went out on social media channels and also on the national 24-hour youth culture TV channel – Yan TV. With millions of views across Facebook and Google Display Network plus national television, this generated some great engagement.

Video content was produced before, during and after the game jam, as the major outreach medium. This ensured a contemporary, media-rich outreach style that would be appropriate for young audiences across the numerous channels we targeted.

Learn more about the project by visiting the project’s dual language site here.

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