Behind The Scene: Promoter’s Talk

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Here we meet a mix of the most interesting promoters in Saigon who are working hard to build something new in this fair city. From Reggae to progressive house and everything in between, the promoters of Saigon are passionate and doing their best to inspire local audiences to get involved in what they are doing. From long term veterans to occasional events, these guys are what keeps the city interesting.

This film was part of the Behind The Scene series we created to show on Seen in Saigon and Yan TV. On this series I directed the interviews after leading our team on set with camera and lights. We didn’t have access to a green screen studio for this one, so we shot on white and the team had to mask out and refine the backdrop in post. So this series was pretty demanding in post but we think it was a great survey of a fast developing scene of music promoters in Ho Chi Minh City.