Artist Profile: Postiljonen

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This band¬†profile was produced and directed by me and I also led the camera team in the field, creating this short doco for our channel Seen In Saigon. Postiljonen are a very cool and relaxed Swedish outfit, happy to operate under the “dream pop” banner. The group represents the on-going history of Swedish pop but they explain that their diverse influences blend together to make something bigger than their parts – bringing together jazz, folk, pop and hip hop.

Whatever got them to where they are now the band are a close-knit unit, and they were happy to hangout with us in Saigon for a few hours, taking in the more hip of the local establishments and enjoying some good Hue food on the go.

This film was produced for online and TV broadcast as part of Seen In Saigon, where it was shown as part of a daily, three month schedule.