A Tale of Two Cities

This is my most recent directed work. Despite being non-narrative, I put it in my list of drama productions as it required all the planning of a short film (plus some) with the choreography and composition. This project also demonstrates my approach to aesthetics which was wonderfully captured by my collaborating DP, Phunam of The Propeller Group (VN). A key feature of this film is the composition which was put together by Nguyen Hong Giang, a classically trained, noise artist from Saigon. Giang provided a great melody to build on and we worked together to closely ensure the piece got where it needed to go.

The choreography was developed by my sister Emily Fernandez and I have credited her as a director on the films, as her collaboration throughout was critical to the success of the project. To Nhu was exactly what played across my minds eye while thinking about the piece in development. Trained in Russia and a member of the national ballet, her mature, solidity of style and presence was exactly what we needed.

This was a very complex edit that required an unusual level of involvement across the five different edits that I developed for the larger work. Matching movement continuity, lighting and rhythm are always part of the job but the multi-day shoot (exclusively with exteriors), was a major undertaking, the outcome of which I am proud. It’s quite incredible how subtle differences can make huge conflicts when dealing with human bodies moving so dynamically through time and space – especially when cutting for four channels simultaneously.

This edit is one of four already cut for use in a large-scale, three-channel projection work. Because the project is largely about time, the sync between films shifts over time, allowing the films to provide a counter-point to each other. We also intend that the media will be re-purposed for interactive dance works, incorporating live dance, projection, sound design and music.

Category: Direction, Editing